We have a long way to go,
All of the following comments stemmed from this photograph being posted on facebook:

All of you Naysayers kill me, you really do. You sit up here and talk like PRESIDENT Obama is the first President that has not fulfilled all of his campaign promises… and I wonder why that is??? If he had a senate that worked WITH him instead of AGAINST him, he may have accomplished more than he did, considering the mess he inherited. Why don’t you all do some research and read about what he DID accomplish instead of listening to the prejudicial garbage being printed and spouted??? Oh, that’s right, when you are prejudice yourself, that’s kind of hard to do, isn’t it??? IJS…
Friday at 7:15am·

Can this man do ANYTHING right in some ppl’s eyes?! This is a poignant caption of all that is wrong and yet right in America: the idea that triumph is possible under any circumstance. Take the politics out of it for just a moment and connect to the humanity. Please, guys.
Friday at 1:38pm· 

I believe this is a moving, profound photo…staged or not. At least there is not a “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him, That is what the previous administration staged!

rosa park sat so martin luther could walk,martin luther walked so barack obama could run,barack obama ran so all the children could fly ,so imma spread my wings you can meet me in the sky.
Thursday at 10:22am·

Very cool. You can still feel the tension and emotion hanging in that bus. Wonder what’s going through his mind. He’s probably wondering what was going through her mind.

Here’s to civil disobedience.
Thursday at 10:29am·

  • Donald Wicker Rosa Parks was a great American . This slime-ball should not even be allowed to look at that bus much less sit in it. He should be Impeached and imprisoned immediately for treason.
  • Thursday at 10:21am·

‎@ Donald Wicker: yeah because our LAST president didn’t do anything wrong….

‘scuse me while I go throw up now.
Thursday at 10:38am· 

Using this forum to call the country’s leader a “slimeball” just proves that people are just ignorant of the significance of this picture. No matter what political views one may have, looking at Obama sitting on the very bus that started a movement that would lead to his becoming the 1st black President of the United States of America is very historic.
Thursday at 10:40am· 

Why does this have to be assumed as decietful?! Why can’t the first black president be proud of how far they’ve come? He’s done something Rosa Parks would’ve never dreamed of. This picture gives me chills regardless of political affiliation. It’s powerful because of progress, because somehow humanity has gone from not wanting Rosa Parks in that seat… To putting a black man in the White House. I’d venture to say those of you complaining would still have Ms. Parks sitting on the back of the bus. Disgusting.
Thursday at 10:43am· 

  • Chuck Donelow this is helpful to our economy how?he should be working on that,not out sight seeing..
  • Thursday at 10:43am·

  • Tracie Apparently he has NOTHING else to do…his minions are doing all his dirty work for him.
  • Thursday at 10:45am· 

I think the comments in this thread just prove that no matter how far we’ve come, racism and the ignorance that causes it are still huge problems in this countryl Thank you President Obama, for having the courage to try to change things, while so many plot against you.
Thursday at 10:58am·

‎@ Chuck Donelow…What do you think he IS doing? Exactly what you rudely demanded.Thursday at 11:07am ·
  • Mackenzie  Rosa Parks was fighting for civil rights… Obama has taken rights away (does anybody pay attention to his recent executive orders?). How the fuck anyone thinks this comparison makes sense is beyond me. Yeah, so he’s black. Doesn’t mean he’s done anything to help the situation of black people in this country.
  • Thursday at 11:08am· 

I cant believe that some of you people are so ignorant. This is our countries President and respect should be shown whether you like him or not. Respect should be shown to all of our Presidents. And THIS is amazing to see that after being beaten and oppressed by racism that our President has shown despite the disrespect of him today that Change can Come… And you know what…..??? Yes WE CAN! #POW
Thursday at 11:08am· 

Wow..it is really depressing reading some of these posts that spew soooo much hatred!!! How do we ever expect our country to remain the greatest country in the world if we continue beaming a country full of people that ‘hate’…..We are already seeing side effects of this with the horribly bullying affecting our children. This man is our President for gosh sakes….like him or not, he DESERVES our respect!!! That applies no matter who holds that position! Grow up people and at least pretend you have some maturity. SMH!!!
Thursday at 11:10am· 

I wonder if any of these people that are negatively speaking about Obama say the same things about Bush when he was in office? He was 20 times worser on our economy and REALLY didn’t give a damn about your broke asses… at least Obama’s trying to do things for the unfortunate by #1 trying to get wealthy people to pay more taxes than YOUR middle- lower class asses. Until you all wake up and realize this is not a RACE factor you will be in the same position u are now in a decade… The common American will NEVER win with republicans in office. Yea the economy is suffering because of what BUSH did NOT OBAMA! If we get another republican in office the country is definately going to be in worse condition… AND WE WILL BE BACK IN WAR BECAUSE REPUBLICANS CAN’T KEEP THEIR RACIST NOSES OUT OF OTHER COUNTRY’S AFFAIRS!!! Wake up!
Thursday at 11:19am· 

I swear to God, I am sick of people saying “He hasn’t done anything for me.” He took office during what could have been the complete financial collapse of this nation because of Bush. He spent a lot of money that we don’t have digging us out. I won’t go into what he HAS gotten accomplished, facing a Republican controlled House after the 2010 elections, when many who voted for him neglected to vote for their own legislators. It’s not like the POTUS can arbitrarily do ANYTHING without the Senate and House.
Thursday at 11:20am· 

If you really did as much research as you claim you have done Mackenzie, then you would know that the President can’t do a damn thing without the cooperation and approval of the House and Senate. The SAME House and Senate, that shuts down every single attempt he makes to help and bring up the average American. If you have such a bone to pick, take that hatred filled finger and point it at ALL branches of government. Not just the figurehead.
Thursday at 11:24am ·

like any pres he has done some good and done some bad. People shouild wake up soon and quit looking at the pres and start looking at ourselves. We have sold ourselves down the pike to China. China is buying gold at an alarming rate. we owe china several trillion dollars? What do you suppose China is going to do FORGIVE THE DEBT? Get your focus off this stupid dead horse racism thing and quit buying Chiina products. If you cant find american made then dont buy it. Does anybody have any idea how close we are to be taken over by China and they will not need to fire a shot.
Thursday at 11:36am·

I’m not seeing where EVERYTING is worse in this country. It’s still a long road ahead to repair what 8 years of George W. did to this country. And, again- if you are white you are in no position to comment on any “race card”. Having a black president has certainly shown that we have a really, really long way to go in this country re: racism. The race card is pulled out because it is still, unfortunately, totally relevant. Why anyone would have a problem with this image is beyond me. Angry white people- this country was not originally white. ‘Kay? It was Native American. And it is still a melting pot- not a big old white man country. Get over yourselves.
Thursday at 11:35am· 

I’m proud of his grace, integrity, maturity and his ability to outclass the opposition, just like Ms. Parks did years ago. I proud of all he’s accomplished in the face of a do-nothing-congress: http://www.whathasobamadone.org/, I’m proud of the call he made for the bin Laden raid, I’m proud of how he’s on the side of women’s rights, and I believe that he has definitely earned 4 more years to keep working on our behalf. if only we can get him a Congress to work with him and not against him …
Thursday at 11:39am· 

Ignorance breeds hate. Don’t look to your government to solve your problems. Look deep within your own character, get strength and start making different choices in your life. YOU are the ONLY person that can make change in your life.
Thursday at 11:43am· 

 To hell with what you people say, when Bush took office I lost my job, when Obama took office I got a 45000 dollar scholarship for college..Republicans didn’t do a damn thing for this country but took it further in debt. And now our troops are over seas dying because of Bushes Greed. Bush wanted the oil and all other riches over there…greed is why our troops are dying and Obama is trying to bring them home…so to you all that can’t see what he has done..stfu
Thursday at 11:43am·

I cannot comment on what he has or has not done for me because I did not vote, therefore if you did not vote then you do not get that right in my opinion. I do like that picture and I am not black, I am white and I am married to a white man, but the way I see it is that Rosa Parks was fighting for what she believed in and she got it. That is what we should be doing instead of playing black against white and white against black. We are all here for the same reason.
Thursday at 11:59am· 

 I am in the process of becoming a citizen finally after 25 years in the States so that I can vote for Barack Obama in November. People who do not comprehend what Obama has done, and will continue doing, are either in denial or too ignorant to see. Stop looking at the glass half empty. Stop looking at race. Will we see that in our lifetime? I hope my son will…
Thursday at 11:58am·

I have to agree that not all of our problems are Obamas fault. We have sold everything to other countries because they will work for a dollar cheaper…. It is crap. It isn’t about race. Growing up, my dad told me that a “nigger” was an ignorant person, they come in all colors. We as Americans always wanting to blame someone else for our problems leaves us as ignorant, because we are too afraid to take blame for anything.
Thursday at 12:00pm· 

I love this President and First Lady! Rome was not built in a day, as they say, and America cannot be fixed in one term. People give the President way too much credit. They don’t get to make as many decisions as we would like to think. It has to go through a heck of a lot of other people before anything gets done. We are blaming this man for not fixing America, but I say he has done what he could do. His wife gets involved, actually gets involved, with things outside of the presidency. I voted for him the first time and I will vote for him again.
Thursday at 12:32pm